Playing the exercises:

If you have limited amount of time available, it's better to practice a bit every day than a whole day once or twice a week. Your practicing will be more efficient if you create a simple and clear training program for example from these exercises. Most of the exercises are written in normal basic register but when you feel your lips or facial muscles ("chops") tired, take a break. Don't use excessive pressure with the mouthpiece and don't force the notes. When these exercises feel easy and you'd like to have more challenge, it's easy to make up more of them and raise the register according to your level.

You will benefit most if you carry out the exercises focused and thorough. Remember to use the metronome, it helps you to play the exercises in tempo (because of the slow tempo of most of the exercises, it's easy to rush) and it trains you to listen while playing (which can be difficult at first). Each section starts easy and gradually gets more advanced.


To create a new exercise, type the name of the exercise in the box below (for example "Advanced Flexibility Exercise 1"). This will open an edit-box with instructions and to add an exercise, just follow the instructions. Don't worry — you can't damage anything because this creates a new page instead of editing an existing one (if something goes wrong, it can be easily deleted or edited afterwards). After that, upload the necessary files (notation and an MP3 sound example if you have one). Do not worry about the image widths etc, they are adjusted automatically.

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