Trumpet parts and maintenance

Trumpet parts:


Trumpet maintenance:

  1. Detach the tubes and valves and put them soaking in a mild dishwashing liquid. Do not use strong chemicals.
  2. Clean, rinse and dry the parts. Bottle brush is a handy tool when cleaning the mouthpiece and valve casings.
  3. Apply slide grease or white vaseline to the joints of the tubes. Spread the grease evenly all over the slide with your finger.
    (if you want a bigger view of the pictures, click them and they'll open in a new window) grease1.png
  4. Attach the tubes and remove extra grease/vaseline.
  5. Oil the valves with valve oil. Do not put oil in the holes but to the surface as in the picture below. Remember to put the right valve to the right casing and in the right position (rotate the valve in the casing until it clicks in place).
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