Trumpet players

Chronological chart of notable jazz trumpet players

The Pioneers
Name Years Musical styles / genres Website Wikipedia article Youtube
Buddy Bolden 1877 – 1931 ragtime, dixieland, blues Bio
Documentary video
Joe "King" Oliver 1885 – 1938 dixieland A Bio by Peter Gerler At
"Riverside Blues"
Bix Beiderbecke 1903 – 1931 dixieland "A Bixography"
"Royal Garden Blues"
Louis Armstrong 1901 – 1971 dixieland (New Orleans jazz), swing Louis Armstrong house museum
"When The Saints Go Marching In"
Bebop and Beyond
Name Years Musical styles / genres Website Wikipedia article Youtube
Dizzy Gillespie 1917 – 1993 bebop, afro-cuban jazz African American registry: The heart of jazz, Dizzy Gillespie
"A Night In Tunisia"
Miles Davis 1926 – 1991 hard bop, bebop, cool jazz, modal, third stream, fusion, jazz-funk, contemporary jazz Official website
Solo on "So What"
Clifford Brown 1930 – 1956 bebop, hard bop Brownie!
"Donna Lee"
Lee Morgan 1938 – 1972 bebop, hard bop Lee Morgan tribute site
"The Sidewinder"
Kenny Dorham 1924 - 1972 bebop, hard bop Kenny Dorham tribute site
Chet Baker 1929 – 1988 cool jazz Chet Baker Foundation
"My Funny Valentine"
Woody Shaw 1944 – 1989 hard bop, post-bop, modal jazz, avant-garde jazz Official site
"Stepping Stone"
Name Years Musical styles / genres Website Wikipedia article Youtube
Freddie Hubbard 1938 – 2008 bebop, hard bop, post bop Official website
"Cantaloupe Island"
Randy Brecker 1945 – present jazz-funk, fusion, R&B, rock Official Website
"Some Skunk Funk"
Roy Hargrove 1969 – present bebop, hard bop, post bop, latin jazz, soul An article at

These players are still to be added to this chart:

Roy Eldridge
Arturo Sandoval
Fats Navarro
Maynard Ferguson
Nat Adderley
Harry James
Blue Mitchell
Wynton Marsalis

Other great jazz trumpet players worth mentioning (in alphabetical order):

Chart of notable classical trumpetists

Name Years Website Wikipedia article Youtube
Rafael Méndez 1906 - 1981 Rafael Méndez Online Library
Haydn Trumpet Concerto
Maurice André 1933 – present Maurice André at French Ministry of Culture's portal
Haydn Cadenza

Alison Balsom
Sergei Nakariakov
Tine Thing Helseth
Renold Schilke
Adolph Herseth
Vincent Cichowicz
Ingrid Jensen
Billie Rogers
Ole Edvard Antonsen
Philip Smith

If you feel someone essential is missing, add it to the list above.

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