Bending exercises

Bending exercises develop your control of the instrument because you'll have to get the correct pitch using only your lips. Play the bent note with the same fingering as the previous one and without tonguing. The fingerings are marked under the notes for clarification and you can also listen the sound example to get the idea. Keep the tempo about 60bpm.

Sound example: Bend 1, Tempo=60

Bending exercise 1


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Sound example: Bend 2, Tempo=60

Bending exercise 2


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Sound example: Bend 3, Tempo=60

Bending exercise 3


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Sound example: Bend 4, Tempo=60

Bending exercise 4


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Exercise 5: play every phrase with the same fingering (marked under the first note).

Sound example: Bend 5, Tempo=60

Bending exercise 5


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