ii-V -exercises

ii-V chord progressions are characteristic to jazz music. Here are few exercises in all keys. You can take a pause in the middle of the exercise, as in the sound example of exercise 2. Start slowly and add tempo only when you can play the phrase correctly. You can play the exercise in swing feel in slower tempos or straighter in faster tempos like in sound example.

When you have practiced these, it's recommended to write some of your own and transcribe solos from recordings.

Sound example, ii-V exercise 1, Tempo=200

ii-V -exercise 1


ii-V -exercise 1 part 2


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Sound example, ii-V exercise 2, Tempo=200

ii-V -exercise 2


Sound example, ii-V -exercise 2 part 2, Tempo=200

ii-V -exercise 2 part 2


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Further studies:


Jerry Coker: Patterns for Jazz

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